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Wir sind dabei! We're coming!

Wohoo! Ich freue mich auf Euch. Can't wait to see you guys.
Katrin xoxo

Katrin turns fab forty!

Samstag 16. 03. 2024
ab 16.00

8630 Rüti


Mit ÖV:
S5 oder S15 nach Rüti (ZH), danach 10 Minuten Fussmarsch zur Hilaria-Alle
SN5: Nachtzüge all night long ab 00:3
0! (30mins bis Zürich HB via Wetzikon, Uster & Stadelhofen )

Mit dem Auto (you sure..?):
Parkplätze bei der Badi Rüti vorhanden (Hilaria-Allee 1, 8630 Rüti)


Is it your actual birthday?
No, I turn 40 on the 18th of March. I don't believe in the pre-birthday jinx, though. 

Want me to bring anything?
No (unless otherwise stated).

Do you need help?
No (unless otherwise stated. Thank you, though).

What do you want for your birt
You coming to the party. Honestly.

What's for dinner?
Raclette or Fondue.

Who else is coming?
I promise you'll know at least 5 other people at the party
, so no one will stand alone awkwardly.

Can I bring the kids?
Sure! Just let me know beforehand.
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