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7 Reasons why you should host a Green Event

Green Events are great for business!

What if I told you that your next event doesn’t have to pollute the environment? Well, I guess you’d ask me „at what cost“ and honestly, I understand. I’ve been in the business long enough to know that money is always a major factor, especially in marketing. Conferences, incentive trips and client events come with a hefty price tag and a tight budget is often the only way to keep the finance department at bay.

Spending extra cash to save the planet is noble (and necessary) but convincing your managers to increase your event budget for the sole purpose of saving the planet might be a task and a half. Luckily, there’s more than one way to profit from green events.

There’s the environmental impact, of course, but there are many more compelling reasons why you next event should be green:

1. You position your brand

The world is turning black and white at the moment. More and more people take a firm stand for what they believe in. In a political climate like this, positioning a brand takes courage. By hosting a green event you make a subtle but highly effective statement that works for both sides of the political spectrum. There’s nothing controversial about reducing waste and Co2 at an event so this is your chance to show your true colors in a nonpolitical way. 

2. You improve your corporate image

Events are a fantastic opportunity to proof that your company „walks the talk“, especially if you sell a green product or service. By hosting a green event you show that your company is actively committed to tackle the problem head on. This is a great way to improve your corporate image as I’m sure your guests will give you credit for going the extra mile.

3. You stay ahead of the game

Sustainability is en vogue and don’t get me wrong, fighting climate change shouldn’t be a short-term trend but a long-term solution. That said, the time to hop on board is now and here’s why: environmental laws will only get stricter in the next couple of years, especially in the event industry where plastic cutlery live. If you want to use sustainability as a unique selling point you have to be proactive now, before the government starts calling the shots.

4. Your PR writes itself

Turning a straight-forward event into a compelling news story can be quite the challenge. Add sustainability into the mix and it practically writes itself. There’s your gimmick. There’s your headline. Needless to say: thou shall not green wash!

5. You make more money

Here’s an interesting statistic for commercial events: Studies show that Millennials and Generation Z’ers are willing to pay more for a product if it’s less harmful for the environment. If you’re hosting a green event, you could potentially raise your ticket price. Communication is key here, it’s important to let your audience know what exactly you do to help the planet.


6. You’re in good company

Green Events are gaining followers all around the globe. From the Octoberfest in Munich to the US Open, some of the most iconic events in the world joined the revolution already. By hosting a green event you’ll find yourself in a very exclusive and illustrious circle.

7. You support the local economy

It takes a village to host a Green Event. Sustainable event solutions are often found in the close vicinity of your location. Avoid cheap online stores with questionable labour conditions and work with local businesses instead. From organic catering companies to local flowers stores, keep your money in the neighbourhood and support your local community. This will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

There are plenty reasons more of course, but this should give you enough ammunition to sell sustainable event practices to your managers. Have you convinced your leader board to host green events already? What was your most compelling selling point? 


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