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Meet KITRO and EATERNITY, two innovative Swiss companies helping you reduce food waste and Co2

Aktualisiert: 9. Apr. 2019

Sustainability means innovation. These two Swiss companies help you reduce food waste.

The food choices we make at events are a substantial part of our sustainable strategy. Making the right decisions, however, can be quite a challenge. How much food do we actually waste at our event? What menus and food options would drastically reduce our carbon footprint?

Doing the math on both is an additional task and a half that needs extra attention – something we often don’t have during a hectic event set up.

That’s where Kitro and Eaternity come in, two innovative Swiss companies that will help you reduce your food waste and your carbon footprint. Here’s what they do:


Kitro is an automated solution for Caterers, Hotels and Locations to measure and reduce food waste. It is easy to use and fully automated. All you have to do is place their special bin into your kitchen and start cooking – KITRO will automatically track what is thrown away and how much this will cost you. The system will give you various data, such as how much food you throw away on average, how much you could easily avoid and what product group you waste the most. They are currently running successful pilots throughout Switzerland and will officially launch their product in 2019.

Who’s behind KITRO? Two women. Anastasia and Naomi both studied at the Ecole hotelier de Lausanne and experienced food waste in the event industry first hand.

One third of our greenhouse gas emission originate from our food consumption. One cheeseburger, for example, has the same effect on our climate as watching television for 500 hours. Eaternity is a young Swiss company that automatically calculates your food-related carbon footprint. Nurtured by the famous ETH Zürich, the team behind Eaternity developed an innovative management solution software that will assess your environmental footprint and nutritional value of the meals you serve.


The best part? They have a special event solution! Eaternity will provide a report where they dynamically calculate your carbon emissions in real time, including statistics of imports, transportation distances and seasonalities. Their event offer also includes a communication package, infographics and tailored support. If you want to know how much Co2 you saved at your event, Eaternity will provide you with all the metrics and statistics.

Both KITRO and Eaternity are fairly new companies founded and run by young professionals eager to make a positive change. We need more of this. Check out their websites and if you know a company that helps event professionals like me „be better“ let me know.

Sustainability means innovation and I’m all here for it.


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